The Diepenring Kompas (Compass) is a wander along the water in search of motivation and magic. If you are looking for more to hold on to, follow the city walk below. The Guide will take you along 14 of the 32 destinations starting and finishing at NS (Railway) Station. The associated stories and life questions of Aletta Jacobs, Wubbo Ockels, Janine Abbring, Arjen Lubach, Bono, Beyoncé et al. you will find on the paper map of the Diepenring Kompas (in Dutch) and the digital Map (in English).

We start at the Stationsplein, with our backs to the NS Station. On the left is the statue of the Peerd van Ome Loeks (Uncle Luke’s Horse) and in front of you is the Diepenring. On the other side you will see Villa Heymans en Huize Tavenier. They are our first two destinations. We cross the Stationsweg via the zebra crossing, enter the city through the blue gate designed by architect Alessandro Mendini, pass his Groninger Museum and turn left on the Ubbo Emmiussingel.

Gerard Heymans

Geertruida Tavenier

N.B. For stories and life questions look up the numbers on the paper map (in Dutch) and the digital Map (in English).

We continue to the Emmaplein, cross it, turn left to the Emmabrug, turn right at the Stationsweg, pass the Zuiderhaven, turn right at the lock and continue the road over the Sluiskade until we have a good view of the De Hunze boathouse.

Wubbo Ockels

Via the Pottebakkersrijge we walk to the A-brug, cross it and turn left to the Hoge der A to turn right halfway and enter the Turftorenstraat (where we temporarily leave the Diepenring).

Aletta Jacobs

We continue via De Laan (behind the Harmonie Complex) to Gasthuisstraat and stop in front of the Jacob en Annagasthuis.

Geert Boomgaard

We continue the road to the Noorderhaven. Back at the Diepenring we turn right and walk to the Kijk in ’t Jat bridge, which we cross to arrive at the Guyotplein via the Lopende Diep.

Janine Abbring en Arjen Lubach

Kim Feenstra

Via the Ossenmarkt and the Spilsluizen we arrive at the Maagdenbrug. We cross it and walk via the Turfsingel to the Prinsentuin, which we enter through the wooden gate. At the back of the garden we see the Prinsenhof (the entrance to the hotel of the same name is at the Martinikerkhof).


Ede Staal

We continue our way over the Turfsingel, pass the Turfeiland (on our left) after which we see the Schouwburg (also on the left) on the other side.

Freek de Jonge en Hella Asser

Arjen Robben

Via the Turfsingel we continue to the Schuitendiep, turn right into the Poelestraat, and take the second left into the Peperstraat until we reach the Sint Geertruidsgasthuis. We enter through the wooden gate.

Albert en Berneer Solleder

Via the exit on the south side we descend (with a stone staircase) to the Gedempte Kattendiep. Here we cross to the Steentilstraat, turn right to the Kleine Steentilstraat, and continue to pass the Kleine Molenstraat and the Trompstraat. We will stop at the corner building on the Radesingel.

Pim Fortuyn

Via Radesingel, Heresingel and Hereplein we continue our walk westward until we arrive at the Groninger Museum as our final destination.

Anton Corbijn en Bono

We cross to the Stationsplein where we are awaited by Ome Loeks and his Peerd. Our walk ends here. Look back again. Think about what you will take with you from the Diepenring and what you want to leave (behind). Farewell.